Hot Drinks Loyalty Cards - offers patrons two cards for hot drinks, one for early weekday purchases of hot drinks from our Whistlestop Window and another for use all day in the main café bar, both of which give a free hot drink after purchase of five hot drinks of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

These cards are illustrated here.

WSW Loyalty Card v01 JRR Coffree Card v01


Our Real Ale Appreciation Card offers serious or just occasional quaffers of our real ales a pint completely free of charge once ten pints have been bought (note the conditions applicable to this offer). 

This card and conditions for issue and use are provided here.


JRR Real Ale appreciation card v01 JRR Real Ale appreciation card  rear v01
JRR Real Ale card conditions v01 JRR Real Ale card discounts v01


Twice each year our customers' redeemed Real Ale Appreciation Cards are entered into a prize draw. The winner is entitled to claim six pints and six half pints free of charge.



 Ale Prize 2018 Winter

Winner 2019 Summer 


Winner 2019 Summer