The latest news from the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms.


We've created a Local Interest section and added an article about a selection of local books that we have here at JRR. We'll be adding more to this section as time goes on.

Head over and take a look.

Happy Valley, Ackley Bridge and JRR Fridge magnets are now available for order. 


 Fridge Magnets 2019  

Fridge Magnets 2019



The outside seating is now available for use.  Within minutes of the contractor completing assembly of the outside tables customers started to use them!

Each of the three hexagonal tables will comfortably seat up to six adults, (or up to nine children), plus providing space for two wheelchair users, thus, in total, there are now available eighteen outside seats and six spaces for wheelchair users.

Customer feedback has been most positive, the only negative comments being "About time", and "Can we have a couple more please?"