The latest news from the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms.




The outside seating is now available for use.  Within minutes of the contractor completing assembly of the outside tables customers started to use them!

Each of the three hexagonal tables will comfortably seat up to six adults, (or up to nine children), plus providing space for two wheelchair users, thus, in total, there are now available eighteen outside seats and six spaces for wheelchair users.

Customer feedback has been most positive, the only negative comments being "About time", and "Can we have a couple more please?"


Jim Robinson is the lucky winner of the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms Summer 2014 "One Over the 8" prize draw.

One of Jim's old Real Ale Appreciation cards was picked out in the draw on Saturday night, 21st June.

Jim's prize is six pints and six half pints of any of the dozens of real ales to be found each month in the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms.

Situated only a few minutes walk from the canal in Sowerby Bridge, The Jubilee Refreshment Rooms features in the Canal Companion guide books. Feel free to visit us, whether it's for light meals / snacks or to replenish those important supplies of your favourite beers.

Note alcoholic drinks can only be sold after 12 noon.

Since opening in 2009 the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms has only ever served ales bought fresh, direct from the brewer: not one cask has been sourced from a wholesaler, beer agency or “the back of a van”.
Once delivered and racked in our cellar each cask is stored until it reaches maturity when it is tapped and vented, only when it is ready for full enjoyment is any beer offered to the public.
Regular customers have long been aware that any brew is unlikely to remain available for more than a day or two.
We now display, on an additional pump clip, the date on which each beer is first offered for sale so all callers may clearly see how fresh each of our beers is.