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The Sun 24/04/2019 - 50 best pubs
Sun - 50,000 Pubs
Sun - Best 50 pubs in Britain

Sun - 9th Best Pub in Britain


To see the other 49 on the list, in case you're passing, just click on The Sun at the top of the page to go to the article.

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Twice each year our customers' redeemed Real Ale Appreciation Cards are entered into a prize draw. The winner is entitled to claim six pints and six half pints free of charge.




Ale Prize Card
Winner 2019 Winter 


Winner 2019 Winter 

Keith Taggart is the lucky winner of the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms Winter 2019 "One Over the 8" prize draw. One of Keith's old Real Ale Appreciation cards was picked out in the draw. Keith's prize is six pints and six half pints of any of the dozens of real ales to be found each month in the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms.  


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Ackley Bridge, Happy Valley and JRR Fridge magnets are now available for order 

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